Winning in the Global Business World

Summer School Students

Course Name: Winning in the Global Business World 

Course Date: Monday 17th to 29th June 2013

Course Dates

  • 15th July to 26th July 2013
  • 12th August to 23rd August 2013

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Couse Duration: each full course lasts 2 weeks

Course Fee: £1800 All inclusive 

Note: Price includes tuition, some meals, activities and some excursions. Excluding weekend activities

Course Structure:

 Week One:

In the first week, students will learn all about English culture and history including a large portion of Oxford history and culture in a variety of ways including:

  • Authors including Lewis Carrol, C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolkien and Philip Pullman.
  • A guided tour of Oxford.
  • Oxford architecture and the evolution of architectural style through the years.
  • A visit to the famous Mini production plant  based in Oxford
  • A punting trip along the river Cherwell.
  • A trip to London.

As well as a variety of lectures surrounding English history , England in the 21st century and English culture and the EU. The students will also be treated to some local cuisine and will have the weekends to explore the city as their own pace.

Week Two:

In the second week, students will be learning about modern global business in a variety of ways, lecture topics include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Globalisation and its impact
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Establishing a brand  and how to market the brand
  • Sustainability
  • Climate change and how it affects the world around us
  • Human resource management and its importance
  • Business organisations a traditional approach, followed by a modern approach.

These topics will be split up by some light hearted activities such as a boat trip and industrial visits in order to portray a real world example of the topics at hand.



MCCONLINE Summer School Courses:

Winning in the Global Business World

Available Dates17th June to 29th June 2013

Available Dates15th July to 26th July 2013

Available Dates12th Aug to 23th Aug 2013

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